Using the Client Portal For The First Time

BizCounsel Admin
  1. To log into the Client Portal for the first time, you'll need to first locate your Client Portal username. By default, your username is the email you provided when you signed up. If you're unsure, you should have received an invitation email to the client portal that includes your email address.

    Note: If you can't find this email, or are unsure if you received it, the BizCounsel support team is here to help. Simply give them a call at 800-815-0095 and they'll be happy to get you set up.

  2. To set your password, go to and click on "Forgot your password"


  3. On the following screen, type in your email address to reset your password.

  4. You should receive an email entitled "Password reset on Client Portal" Click on the link in the email to choose a new password.

  5. On the following screen, please set a new password for the Client Portal. login
  6. That's it! You're all set up to use the Client Portal. Click on Log In and use your username and password to log in.

    Note: Remember, from here on you can use the Client Portal to book appointments, upload documents for your attorney to review, and communicate with the BizCounsel support team.